Terms and conditions of reservation


undertakes to take every precaution to protect the lessor´s interests and those of the lessor´s insurance company throughout the duration of this contract, and especially he/she undertakes to:
a) Advise Maxi Rent within 48 hours of any accident, robbery or fire, including partial, and also to inform the police authorities of all physical damage and robbery or theft.
b) to declare in he/she statement the circumstances, place, date and time of the accident, name and address of witnesses and of the owner of the other vehicle, the registration number and insurance company and policy number of same.
c) Attach any report from the police, Civil Guard or courts which ay exist.
d) Under no circumstances to discuss liability or to submit to a party with regard to he accident.
3.-In case of accident the lessee is responsible for the excess according to the current rates in relation to the damage to the vehicle (Excess depended of the group).
4.- The guarantee does not cover clothes and other objects carried.
5.- The insurance extends only to cover the period of hire according to this contract. After this time, unless there has been an extension expressly accepted, Maxi Rent decline all responsibility for accidents or damage which the lessee might cause, for which he/she will be solely responsible.
6.- The insurance does not cover any driver who does not possess a valid and current driving licence.. When the driver is not in a normal condition through consumption of alcohol, drugs, excessive speed, dangerous driving or other causes, the lessee and the driver will be jointly and solely liable for any damages which Maxi Rent might experience.
7.-The lessee will be held responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by roads which are uneven or in bad condition.
8.- Maxi Rent declines all responsibility for any accident with respect to third parties or damage to the vehicle which the lessee may cause during the hire period if he/she has deliberately furnished Maxi Rent with inexact information regarding his/her person, address or validity of driving licence, and in this case the insurance will not be valid.

Normal mechanical wear of the vehicle will be assumed by Maxi Rent. Should the vehicle become immobilised, the repairs, which should be included in a detailed bill, may only be carried out with written agreement and in accordance with the instructions of Maxi Rent. Defective pieces replaced should be presented together with the bill. The lessee may not in any case claim damages for the delay in delivery of the vehicle, cancellation of the hire or immobility caused by the repairs affected during the hire. Maxi Rent will not be responsible for bodily or material damages caused by a manufacturing defect or previous repairs.

Article 6.- PETROL AND OIL
Petrol will be paid by the client.
The lessee should constantly check the oil and waters levels and also the level of the gear box. Bills must be presented in order to obtain repayment.

Article 7.- LIABILITY
The lessee or the expressly admitted drivers are legally responsible for infractions committed by them while driving the vehicle, in accordance with the Penal Code, circulation Code and whatsoever current legal dispositions.

This contract will be subject to and be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country in which it has been signed, the courts of which will be competent to rule in the differences which might arise from same, the parties hereby renouncing the jurisdiction which might correspond to them.
Those questions which might e raised between the lessee and the lessor as a result of this contract are the competence of the Tribunals and Courts in the place of the registered address of the entity which owns the hired vehicle.