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How many coves does Ibiza have?

How many coves does Ibiza have?

Whether it’s because of its famous discos or the more than 50 calas, or coves, located along its 130 miles of coastline, Ibiza remains one of the favourite destinations for everyone. Its beaches are one of the main reasons for so many people to visit the island and that is why we will talk a little about them today in Maxirent Ibiza.

D’en Bossa, Es Cavallet or Las Salinas Beaches

In the south of the island we find La Playa d’en Bossa, especially known in Ibiza for being the longest of the entire island. You will find excellent beach bars with fantastic service and excellent food accompanied by Balinese beds and an incredible atmosphere thanks to the music of its DJs. Travel there in one of our cars!

Las Salinas Beach is known for the large number of celebrities who come to this long beach of fine sand with warm turquoise waters. Es Cavallet Beach is famous for being a beach with wonderful white sand and for being a nudist beach, not to mention its beach bar where the majority of the clientele are members of the LGBT community.

Cala Bassa and Cala Conta

In the western part of the island we highlight two coves: Cala Bassa and Cala Conta. Ideal to go to with your family or partner. Its crystalline waters will make you fall in love. You will find excellent restaurants, in which we recommend you try the typical food of the island and have a great time with the different water activities which are organised there. You will find music and lots of fun thanks to the Beach Clubs on the beaches. Rent a car in our offices!

Cala Xuclar, Cala d’en Serra, Cala Xarraca and S’illot d’es Renclí

The northern beaches are more rugged and irregular, accompanied by large cliffs. There are coves which are really worth visiting, especially for couples or hikers. We recommend the small coves of Cala Xuclar, Cala Xarraca and S’illot d’es Renclí. 

The beaches of the east of the island are small beaches. We recommend these beaches especially to families, as you will find many services and activities designed for the whole family. Enjoy Ibiza with Maxirent!